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Unfortunately I was not one of those teachers who found yoga early on in life. Up until a few years ago, I thought I hated yoga. When you’re looking up every 10 seconds to see what the heck a down dog is, it can be hard to “quiet the mind” and struggling with anxiety my whole life definitely didn’t help my cause.
Luckily, a friend pushed me to give it another try a few years ago and I found a teacher that showed me what yoga could be, focusing on alignment and inspiring confidence no matter the student’s experience level or physical ability. Slowly I started to see more than just physical benefits, replacing my anxiety medications with yoga. I wanted to share this amazing gift with more people, so I enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts where my knowledge and passion for yoga continued to grow.
Since completing my 200-HR certification, I’ve started collaborating with experts in yoga, fitness, chiropractic and physical therapy to create a practice that provides optimal physical and mental benefits, while avoiding unnecessary injury. I hope that I can help some other “non-yogis” feel confident in their movements so they can begin to experience all the other amazing benefits yoga has to offer.
Lisa van Leeuwen @AZFitYogi