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I’m Lisa van Leeuwen, owner of Do Yoga with Lisa.  I didn’t always love yoga, in fact it’s interesting to see the phases of my practice over the years.  From nonexistent to fitness-focused to where I am now – teaching yoga for women!

What started as an individual journey of self improvement has turned into a journey of sisterhood, self acceptance & embracing parts of myself I hid away from the world for years

The mat has been a place for me to work through anxiety, pelvic pain, heartache, angerstress & more. It has helped me find the healing power within myself and it’s the reason I keep showing up on the mat. 

It’s the reason I am sharing this practice with YOU today!

    As I continue to heal, I hope to help women feel more comfortable with the physical postures of yoga so that they can tap into the deeper benefits of this practice & find their healing within. 

    The yoga I offer can support you to:



    500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

    Yoga Alliance Certified


    Completed 200-Hour certification

    Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (taught by Laura McKinzie)


    Completed 300-Hour certification

    Tantric Alchemy Institute in Costa Rica

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